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Unmanned Grab Crane


With the implementation of major projects such as industrial foundation strengthening, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing, Henan Mine have once again taken on the banner of intelligent manufacturing in the lifting equipment industry and undertaken two unmanned grab cranes for use in the 250000 ton converter project of Baowu Group Shaoguan Iron and Steel Plant. The product of this project is customized and developed according to the requirements of Shaogang's intelligent manufacturing strategy for the rotary hearth furnace steelmaking process, providing strong support for achieving its true "one click steelmaking" of the entire system.

Product Features:

Intelligent manufacturing, responsible for strength

01. Accurate positioning within 5mm

The crane has functions such as 3D scanning, automatic positioning, automatic recognition, automatic avoidance, and automatic grasping. The equipment positioning and repeated operation positioning accuracy is within a range of 5mm.

02. Unmanned duty, greener and more intelligent production

Operators can easily operate from an office 1000 meters away, avoiding the impact of dust environment. Since the equipment was put into use, the work intensity of workers has been significantly reduced, and the machine runs smoothly. From crane workers to management, it has responded well, attracting a group of metallurgical industry units to come for inspection.

03. Intelligence level, with high standards, automatic obstacle avoidance and grasping

At present, this equipment has a high level of unmanned operation in China, which has attracted great attention from Beiqi Institute. Both parties have jointly formulated testing and inspection standards, setting a model in the same industry testing standards.

Unmanned Grab Crane


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