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Intelligent Coke Tank Crane


Product Description:

Green water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver. In order to help the green transformation of coking enterprises and promote the high-quality development of the coking industry, the Jiujiang Coking intelligent coke tank crane manufactured by Henan Mine was delivered for use. The crane overcomes technical difficulties such as high-temperature red coke heat radiation and flame baking, provides a factual basis for the new inspection and design standards of cranes in the coking industry, and achieves technological breakthroughs and innovations.


Advantages of intelligent coke tank crane:

1. Using technologies such as automatic precise positioning and wireless video surveillance, greatly enhance the level of man-machine dialogue and improve work efficiency.

2. Centralized electrical control and mechanical auxiliary anti-shake are adopted to ensure the smooth operation of the coke tank crane.

3. Based on the whole life cycle management platform of the crane, it realizes the operation status monitoring and operation data recording of the coke tank crane, the traceability of fault alarm information, and remote online debugging.

4. The design and manufacture of the coke tank crane fully considered the on-site use environment of the coking industry to ensure that the crane equipment has excellent performance in operation and use, and meets the needs of the production process.


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 Tel: +86-373-8820393     Add: Changnao Industrial District, Changhuan County, Henan
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