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Steel Plate Automatic Handling Crane


On the basis of traditional electromagnetic hanging beam cranes, Henan Mine has developed and manufactured new products, automatic steel plate handling cranes,

The crane is not only safer and more efficient, but also realizes automatic and intelligent operation. At the same time, the crane has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, fast operation speed, and maintenance-free.

The spreader is divided into two types: vacuum chuck and permanent magnetic chuck, which can meet the needs of different working conditions.

The steel plate automatic handling crane produced by Henan Mine is now in mass production and put into use, and has been well received by users at home and abroad. The equipment is not only limited to the steel plate processing industry, but also suitable for the production and processing of other metal plates, building plates, wood plates, glass and other industries.

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 Tel: +86-373-8820393     Add: Changnao Industrial District, Changhuan County, Henan
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