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Insulated Overhead Crane


Product Description:

Henan Mine insulation charging crane is based on the insulation overhead crane by adding a feeding trolley to complete the following process operations:

  • Add aluminum fluoride to the electrolytic cell

  • Lifting and transporting the upper mechanism of the electrolyzer and the tank shell

  • Aluminum and metering

  • Lifting the anode busbar lifting frame

  • Other sporadic lifting operations in electrolysis workshop

It is mainly used in the environment of high temperature molten salt, high current, strong magnetic field, dusty and hydrogen fluoride atmosphere in electrolysis workshop.

The insulating feeding crane is composed of a bridge frame, a cart operating mechanism, a tool trolley, an aluminum output trolley, a feeding trolley, an electrical control system, an air compressor and a gas circuit control system, a hydraulic station and an oil circuit control system.

The bridge frame adopts the structure of three beams and three trolleys. The main beam is covered with tracks for the trolleys to travel. The off-track arrangement is arranged. The lifting trolley and the aluminum trolley run on the same track, and the feeding trolley runs on the other side of the track.

The running mechanism of the cart adopts 8 wheels and 2 drives, is equipped with a shaft-mounted three-in-one reducer, and is equipped with horizontal guide wheels,

The tool trolley is used for hoisting general items. The hoisting mechanism is similar to the hook bridge crane, and the running mechanism adopts the axle-mounted three-in-one drive.

The aluminum output trolley is a special mechanism for aluminum output and heavy lifting. The structure is the same as the tool trolley. In order to ensure that the hook does not swing, a rigid guide frame is provided. And the electronic scale is used to weigh the aluminum water, and the large screen can display the amount of aluminum absorption, the accumulated amount and the total weight of a single tank. The running mechanism adopts a shaft-mounted three-in-one drive. The hook is insulated and anti-magnetic.

The feeding trolley is composed of the running mechanism, the frame, the silo, the hoisting device of the feeding pipe, the upper and lower limit material level gauge of the silo, the electronic measuring device of the material level and the feeding valve and other components. The running mechanism adopts a shaft-mounted three-in-one drive.

The driver's cab and the electrical room are equipped with industrial heating and cooling air conditioners.


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