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Clean Explosion-proof Automatic Crane

  • New type

The clean explosion-proof fully automatic crane developed and produced by Henan Mine for the customer's semiconductor-grade polysilicon project. In order to meet the customer's production process requirements, the crane can automatically run the reduction furnace and silicon rod tools from the reduction furnace platform, cleaning platform, transfer platform, rod removal tool and other positions according to the set working route, and accurately locate.

henan mine clean automatic crane

The clean explosion-proof fully automatic crane has the following advanced technologies: high-sealed explosion-proof drive mechanism and maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings. The motor, reducer, brake, and electrical monitoring are integrated in a compact design.

1. Clean and dust

The use of high-voltage anti-static spraying technology and structural sealing welding technology makes the whole machine have the characteristics of non-stick dust and no dust generation. Dust particles and lubricating oil contamination are automatically cleaned up by permanent magnet machinery, explosion-proof electric dust collectors, mechanical oil collecting pans and other devices. Ultra-low noise ambient experience.

2. Safety explosion-proof

Under the premise of cleanness and intelligence, the safety and explosion-proof function adds another bright spot to it. The movements in any space are in an explosion-proof state, making the crane operation more safe and reliable.

3. Intelligent operation

With fully automatic unmanned operation, anti-sway automatic precise positioning, automatic hook unloading and other functions, the positioning accuracy can reach units below millimeters.

4. Unmanned function

It is equipped with user-friendly functions such as automatic fault alarm, automatic detection of fault causes, and component life setting alarm.


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