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Henan Mine Carbon Block Stacking Crane


henan mine crane

Recently, based on the innovative advantages of intelligent manufacturing, Henan Mine developed an intelligent carbon block stacking crane for a new carbon material roasting furnace project in Shandong and put it into use. It is another masterpiece of Henan Mine.

Feature 1: Lightweight design, saving construction costs. 

The whole vehicle adopts a box-type double beam, single trolley, and double spreader structure; the frequency conversion three-in-one integrated drive mechanism has low noise effect and smooth start, effectively reducing the impact of the workshop and the crane.

Feature 2: More efficient and more intelligent. 

The double spreader adopts rigid guide posts, multiple sets of upper and lower rail-type guide wheels, high-strength wear-resistant rails, the double spreader can be used alone or linked at the same time. The ultra-high pressure and its constant pressure-maintaining characteristics make the crane very special. Stable and reliable capabilities.

Feature three: high protection and strong adaptability. 

The operation and lifting adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and have alarm function. The electronic control system is centralized in the power distribution room, and a special industrial internal circulation air conditioner is added, making the lifting equipment better adaptable to harsh environments with high dust and high temperature. environment.

Feature 4: Complete safety and reliable protection. 

The lifting mechanism is equipped with safety devices such as safety limit, circuit emergency operation switch and safety monitoring. The mature protection system greatly enhances safety.

henan mine crane


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