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Nuclear Fuel Storage And Handling Crane


Nuclear fuel storage and handling crane

This equipment is an important device for storing and transporting nuclear fuel rods. The entire vehicle of the loader is servo controlled, and the lifting mechanism and operating mechanism have high-precision positioning functions. Plane positioning accuracy: ± 1.5mm, lifting positioning accuracy: ± 1mm. The loading function is fully automatic, capable of automatically addressing 260 positioning points and loading and unloading items. Redundant design for the operation of large and small cars and the lifting mechanism, with both working and backup motors coexisting. Any motor can operate independently, ensuring no shutdown. The operation and lifting mechanism of the large and small vehicles are equipped with manual operation devices to ensure that all tasks are completed manually in the event of a power outage in the entire vehicle. In order to prevent nuclear fuel leakage, the loader comes with a radiation resistant storage room, allowing nuclear fuel to be transported in a closed environment.



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 Tel: +86-373-8820393     Add: Changnao Industrial District, Changhuan County, Henan
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