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We hold the industry standard in quality and continuously reach new
levels of innovative design and safety.
Digital transformation, customized design, green production. Recently, based on the innovative advantages of intelligent manufacturing, Henan Mine has independently developed and designed a fully automatic electromagnetic hanging beam crane, which has technical advantages such as high automation, st



The Crane Management
1.Before the construction hoisting machinery is used, the construction general contractor, installation maintenance unit, subcontractor user and supervision unit shall jointly make a joint safety technology to the equipment operators, signal command personnel and maintenance personnel, and sign the



The future direction of electric hoist needs to diversify
Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment with fine production and convenient operation. With the diversification of people's production needs, electric hoist should also develop in a diversified direction. Only in this way can it be more suitable for people's lives. Through the market analysis



How to Maintain Electrical Parts of Henan Kuangshan Crane?
In the current industrial area, it is necessary to use Henan Kuangshan Crane, the crane’s function is complete and it can meet the needs of enterprise at the greatest extent. While improving working efficiency, it can reduce the production cost. The maintenance of Henan Kuangshan crane can be simply



The Characteristic And Usage Introduction of Kuangshan Overhang Crane.
The Overhang Crane is a new lifting tools used in workshop and belongs to series lifting equipment. It has the advantage of simple operation, convenient installation, high safety, cheap cost, and wide usage. Since 1976, the Overhang Crane has been welcomed by majority users in China. Modular crane d
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