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The Crane Management

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1.Before the construction hoisting machinery is used, the construction general contractor, installation maintenance unit, subcontractor user and supervision unit shall jointly make a joint safety technology to the equipment operators, signal command personnel and maintenance personnel, and sign the relevant responsible personnel. The joint safety technology can be used in the “Guangdong Province Construction Safety Management Unified Table” in the relevant equipment operation safety technology disclosure form and related equipment safety operation procedures.

2.The construction crane operators shall strictly implement safety operation procedure and relevant safety regulation, establish shift relief system and fill in corresponding record.

3.Before and after operation, the general constructor project equipment management personnel shall according to the requirements of Notice on Establishing Inspection System for Vertical Transportation Equipment on Construction Sites, and they will check and record with operators and immediately deal with when there is accident or other unsafe factors. In case of emergency, they will decide stopping using equipment and promptly report to the safety management workers of scene and relevant principal.

4.The cab of constructor crane shall be equipped with a specification of operation and maintenance, the relevant equipment technology disclosure form of joint safety technology disclosure and relevant equipment safety operation regulation, and put up the equipment maintenance service hotline and the mobile phone number of emergency rescue person. The construction crane driver should take the mobile phone when at work(Do not answer the phone during operation) so as to promptly report abnormal situation of equipment and information for help.

5.General constructor unit shall strictly implement provisions and the law, regulations and norms of safety production, and do the corresponding safety protection work and set up the safety warning signs in the notable location.

6.The general constructor for construction shall set up corresponding equipment management institution or equipped with professional management person according to actual situation. The management person of general constructor of construction equipment management institution should be familiar with the machine performance, and it should often check the machine usage situation, and deal with the problem promptly. In case of emergency, they have right to stop using the equipment an report to the relevant principal.

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