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Mine "smart" Manufacturing|Automatic Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Crane

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Mine "smart" Manufacturing|Automatic Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Crane

Henan Mine Crane

Digital transformation, customized design, green production. Recently, based on the innovative advantages of intelligent manufacturing, Henan Mine has independently developed and designed a fully automatic electromagnetic hanging beam crane, which has technical advantages such as high automation, strong safety and reliability, and high positioning accuracy, and has realized full automation in the true sense.

Henan Mine Crane

Henan Mine Crane

Technical Advantages:

1. Rigid guide column is anti-shake, realizes precise positioning, and has a high degree of automatic control;

2. One-button seamless switching, safe design of lifting dual motors, double guarantee of lifting safety;

3. Electric permanent magnet spreader, instantly charged, permanently magnetized, no need for power failure magnetic protection system;

4. Fully automatic mode, intelligent interaction, realize fully automatic production;

5. Automatic avoidance of cross-traffic vehicles, according to the location of the transport target, to achieve the nearest dispatch;

6. It has multiple operating modes such as ground operation, remote operation, and remote operation, and the operation is diversified.

Henan Mine Crane

Henan mine will continue to play

Core advantages of intelligent manufacturing

digital, intelligent,

Green, customized,

Promote the transformation and upgrading of the company from strong to refined

Empowering high-quality development of enterprises!

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