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The future direction of electric hoist needs to diversify

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Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment with fine production and convenient operation. With the diversification of people's production needs, electric hoist should also develop in a diversified direction. Only in this way can it be more suitable for people's lives. Through the market analysis and research on the electric hoist, it is found that the future development space of the electric hoist is still very broad. After careful analysis, it can be roughly classified into the following aspects.

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1. Changes in shape design: shape design changes the traditional circular design, adopts square design, modular design, and increases the versatility of parts;

2. The motor adopts 2, 4, 6 pole conical rotor motor to adapt to various working conditions; optimize gear design and improve the bearing capacity of the gear;

3. The design of the wire rope electric hoist is rationalized; the base type with less profit is used to cover the whole series; the double brake is added; the cone brake wheel brake and the high-speed on-axis compensation brake are added;

4. Use high-quality high-strength steel wire rope: Under the premise of satisfying the safety factor of tensile strength, reduce the diameter of steel wire rope as much as possible; improve the quality of standard parts such as wire rope and bearing;

5. the structural form should be able to meet a variety of working conditions: such as low clearance, double lifting points, lifting doors and small radius of curvature.

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