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How to Maintain Electrical Parts of Henan Kuangshan Crane?

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In the current industrial area, it is necessary to use Henan Kuangshan Crane, the crane’s function is complete and it can meet the needs of enterprise at the greatest extent. While improving working efficiency, it can reduce the production cost. The maintenance of Henan Kuangshan crane can be simply divided into three sectors:mechanical part, hydraulic system and electrical circuit. The electrical equipment is a complicated part in maintenance and operation of crane, the electrical appliance is prone to malfunction when the electrical appliance operates under the condition of shock, vibration and shake, especially in the bad condition of high temperature, dustiness and moist, the electrical appliance are more likely to fail and cause accident. Therefore, the crane appliance should be carried out the following daily safety inspection.


henan mine double beam crane

1.Check whether the insulation resistance of motor is within the normal range, whether there is abnormal sound during operation and the temperature rise is normal or not. When the machine is stopped, check whether the traveller, brush, conductor joint has obvious cracks, abrasion, looseness and carbon powder.


2.Check whether there is deformation and wear of collector and slide wire, whether the tension device is normal, whether the contact between slide wire and sliding block is good. If the power supply is transported by cable, cable insulation layer should also be checked for aging, whether the crinoline and cable is flexible.

3.Check electrical components and whether the switch shell is damaged, whether the contact pressure is proper when the switch is closed, and whether the capacity of fuse meets the requirements. Whether the main contact and auxiliary contact has singeing, whether the pressure between the contacts is enough when contacting, whether the contact is completely detached. Whether there is attachment and abnormal sound on the suction surface of dynamic and static iron core of contactor and the arc extinguishing chamber is complete or not. And whether the collector on the power distribution cabinet work normally and the binding screw is tight or not.


4.Whether the action directions of each main controller in the crane control system cab is correct, and pay attention to check whether there is zero protection. In particular, check whether there is an emergency power off switch on the console, and confirm that the power can be cut off effectively in case of emergency. As well, Pay attention to check the sensitiveness and reliability of overload limiter, moment limiter and protector device. Doing a good job of crane maintenance is the key to ensuring the usage performance and extending its service life. So you should treasure the crane and it can bring you convenience and create value.

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