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The Characteristic And Usage Introduction of Kuangshan Overhang Crane.

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The Overhang Crane is a new lifting tools used in workshop and belongs to series lifting equipment. It has the advantage of simple operation, convenient installation, high safety, cheap cost, and wide usage. Since 1976, the Overhang Crane has been welcomed by majority users in China. Modular crane developed by our company reaches the level. It not only uses in China, but sells the world.

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The handling work of small pieces of heavy objects and not too heavy objects are always our problem for us. In the past, we have been relying on the crane products of crane and electric hoist, but the shortcoming is obvious. It is difficult to realize the automated mass produce of production line, low efficiency, not suitable for the operation of high precision object, the action direction is limited by the working conditions and cannot work efficiency. So in many cases, it cannot meet the production needs. Therefore, we are in urgent need of a high precision and mechanical products to replace.

KBK crane appeared , completely changes the situation and are welcomed by majority of workers, it not only reduces the labor force of workers, and greatly improve working efficiency to help the factory save the labor cost. So far, The crane varieties have been developed to meet the needs of different working conditions, which can be roughly divided into three categories:pneumatic, hydraulic and electric crane.


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