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Working platform with curved arm

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This article is the introduction of the working platform with curved arm of Henan KuangShan Crane Co., Ltd., hoping to help everyone.

For parts of the working platform with curved arm system to be protected, the sealed and waterproof parts of the electrical components should be observed for damage during inspection. For electrical connections exposed to the outside air, the rust corrosion should be checked. For wire connectors that have been corroded, it is necessary to do derusting or replace new components in time.

For the curved arm working platform in dusty environments, it is necessary to dedust the electrical components to prevent dust from entering the components. For construction machinery with excessive vibration during operation, the connection of electrical circuits often should be checked to see if there is loose wire joint.

The contacts of switch components such as contactors and circuit breakers should be frequently maintained to keep the electrical contact surfaces of the components flat. For oil contamination caused by refueling or equipment maintenance, it is necessary to remove corrosive contamination of electrical circuits caused by oil contamination placed on curved arm working platform in time. in fact, the virtual electric fault of the curved arm working platform is mostly caused by the electrical system. The virtual power interferes with the judgment of the fault. The so-called virtual power is the normal voltage when no-load measurement, and there will be a loss of pressure after loading. I hope that I can better help you in life.

The hydraulic oil of the curved arm working  platform should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months; the electrical and hydraulic systems should be maintained by professional personnel; the working status of the hydraulic lift pin should be checked regularly every month, if the pin tightening screw is found Take off, be sure to pin tightly to prevent the shaft pin from falling off and causing an accident.

The curved arm working platform should be carried out after the maintenance of the lifting platform and the maintenance of the lifting platform; Attention should be paid to indoors and outdoors, it should be used on the geologically hard ground to avoid subversion when used outdoors.  Adjust the chain screw once every 20 times, adjust the safety screw once, and do not stop working on the high slope with inclination more than 30° during use to prevent the curved arm working platform from sliding down.

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