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Six rules for operating gantry cranes

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The gantry crane is more and more widely used now, and it is widely used in port cargo yard with the characteristic of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptation and strong universality.

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The following is the six skills during operating:

1.No overload lifting and lifting any workpiece is not allowed to exceed 500kg. Otherwise heavy punishment will be given according to the operating rules.


2. Do not lift the workpiece from the ground too high, and it should be a half person high. Pay attention not to collide. When crossing an object, be careful not to collide, and it is forbidden to lift across the machine.


3. Before using the jib crane, the operator should check if there is fault in switch button and wire rope limit, if there is any problem, it can be used after timely repair. After use, all power switches must be turned off before leaving.


4. Be sure to concentrate when lifting workpiece, out the hands on the operating switch so as to brake at any time, and no chatting and eating while lifting in order to avoid danger.


5.When lifting any workpiece, be sure to test the lifting first, and the hook should be vertical. No tilt lifting and timely adjust the hook if there is unbalance, and test the lifting after stable operation



6.The running state should be paid attention to at any time when lifting any workpiece, stop the lifting immediately when there is abnormal sound and phenomenon and timely report and handle. The heavy punishment will be given according to the operating rules if you work with illness.

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