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Rules for operation of single beam crane and introduction of circuit trouble elimination - Henan KuangShan

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Single beam cranes have been widely used in recent years and are essential machinery for many factories, warehouses and stockyards. This paper introduces the procedures to be followed by single-beam crane operation and the method of troubleshooting circuit faults from Henan KuangShan.

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1. Procedures to be followed for single beam crane operation

Single-girder cranes must be strictly controlled according to its operating procedures, otherwise it is prone to accidents. Check before starting the single-girder crane, the crane's hooks, wire ropes, and other safety devices are inspected in steps. Once the problem is found, remove it as soon as possible before starting the machine. For single-beam cranes operating on the ground, special personnel are responsible for checking the inspection cards. Once an abnormality is found, the operation is stopped immediately.


It must be confirmed that no one on the single beam crane operating track and the power supply can be started to avoid casualties. When the single-girder crane is working, hoisting weight should be half a meter away from the ground, then put the heavy object down again, check to make sure there is no abnormality to lift normally. Strictly according to the ten conditions of operation process of single beam crane, do not start lifting heavy goods. Lift to the specified height during work, then control the operation to place, then turn off the power.

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2. How to eliminate circuit failure of single beam crane

Failure of the electrical or hydraulic system can result in a failure of the single beam crane to safely unload. Thus, inspection is performed from both the circuit and the liquid path. The purpose of the single beam crane circuit detection is to check whether the torque limiter and the limit switch can also transmit the electrical signal to the unloading solenoid valve while providing the panel indicator light alarm signal. If so, the unloading circuit will be connected and achieve safe unloading, otherwise, safe unloading will fail.


Before the torque limiter provides an electric signal to the unloading solenoid valve, the unloading solenoid valve is in a normally-off state, that is, the unloading circuit is disconnected, and once the torque limiter supplies an electric signal to it, the unloading solenoid valve is energized, commutated and connected to the unloading loop. For this reason, when operating the single-girder crane, it was found that when the torque limiter did not issue a command, the solenoid valve did not change direction, and no pressure oil flowed out. When the single-girder crane entered the overload condition, the valve was energized immediately with hydraulic oil and flows out of the pipeline, which shows that the procedure of the torque limiter to issue the logic command is normal, and the operation of the unloading solenoid valve is normal, thus eliminating the possibility that the single beam crane circuit is faulty.

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