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New Product Explosion-proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist


New type explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, is based on European electric hoist, aiming at explosive environment and research and development of a special industry electric hoist.

henan mine explosion proof electric hoist

The new explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist meets the standard requirements of JB/T 10222-2011 explosion-proof electric hoist, gb3836.1-2010 explosive environment part 1: equipment general requirements, and gb3836.2-2010 explosive environment part 2: equipment protected by flameproof shell "d".


henan mine explosion proof electric hoist


This electric hoist can be used alone with the workshop fixed suspension track, and can also be used with LXB type explosion-proof electric suspension crane, LB type explosion-proof electric single-beam crane, LHB type explosion-proof electric hoist double-beam crane. 

henan mine explosion proof electric hoist

Using the environment:


Working environment temperature is -20~40, air relative humidity is no more than 85%(when the environmental temperature is 25), altitude should not exceed 1000m.


Explosive environment, explosion-proof level for Exd CT4 / tD A21 IP65 T130 .


The performance characteristics:


1,Electric hoist with lightweight design concept: simple structure, compact appearance, easy to operate.


2, electric hoist structure adopts modular design: mass production, stable quality, good interchangeability, easy to disassemble.


3, electric hoist with good running state: frequency conversion control, can reduce the shaking of the product during lifting, improve the safety of lifting.


4, electric hoist with a variety of safety protection measures, according to the need to add a second brake, overspeed protection, stall protection, safety monitoring system and other devices, to improve the safety of lifting items.


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