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KuangShan Crane --What is the difference between Hydraulic lift and ordinary lift ?

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The difference between hydraulic lift freight elevators and freight elevators: More and more production companies need to transport heavier cargo to the 2-3 storey in the actual production process. Because the cargo is generally heavier, the transport height is only 2-3 layers. If you choose to install a general freight elevator, in addition to the cost of the elevator itself is too high, it also greatly increases the construction cost of the elevator shaft and the machine room.

Most manufacturers choose to install a hydraulic lift freight elevator instead of the ordinary freight elevator. The reason is that the hydraulic lift freight elevator has the function of vertical lift of the elevator, and its price is far lower than the elevator price, and the hydraulic lift freight elevator is not strict with the hoistway. The requirements can even eliminate the need for a well, which further saves construction costs.

Hydraulic lift freight elevators have the function of elevators and some of the same features, which is why they can be widely used in production enterprises, reflecting their economic value. However, hydraulic lifts are essentially different from elevators.

The “power drive” in the column is the essential difference between the lift and the elevator. The elevator is driven by the traction machine to vertically pull the wire rope along the rigid track to complete the lifting action. The electro-hydraulic lifting freight elevator is hydraulically powered by the cylinder to perform vertical lifting along the rigid track to complete the lifting action.

There are some common features between the hydraulic lift freight elevator and the elevator. There is an essential difference in the power drive. The difference is that the elevator relies on the wire rope to perform the traction from top to bottom. The hydraulic lift freight elevator relies on the oil cylinder to perform the lift from bottom to top. Different power sources produce different ways of execution.

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