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KPT Electric Flat Car


The transportation system consists of a 1300t electric flat car and a 1520t electric ferry flat car. It is a product developed by Henan Mining for the customer's special process.

It occupies an important position in the customer's process flow, replacing the previous backward production process, and realizing feeding, controlling and unloading in batches in stages.

The maintenance-free operation of the flat car can realize the smooth transportation of 1300t materials, and the horizontal and vertical shuttles in the workshop; the whole car is precisely positioned, and the rail passing accuracy is controlled at ±0.5mm.

The silent design of the whole vehicle, the noise is controlled within 45 decibels, and the running noise of the flat car with no load or heavy load is reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional equipment. The design of each component of the flat car has taken into account the functions of point inspection and maintenance during the process of process operation, and the maintenance of the wheel set and driving device is extremely convenient.



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 Tel: +86-373-8820393     Add: Changnao Industrial District, Changhuan County, Henan
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