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Electric Flat Carriage


KPJ Series Rail Transfer Carts Powered by Cable Reel

KPJ Series railway flat carts are powered by the cable reels. The flat carts get power AC 380V through the device of cable reel which is installed at the bottom of the cart. The motor is controlled by the power through the AC control system. We use this principle to operate the carts, for example, start, stop, go forward and backward and so on. The operation system is low voltage 36V. The hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts. This series' flat carts are suitable to be used in the bad environment, for example, high-temperature and anti-explosion condition. With its simple structure and low price, this series are more often used to transfer materials from one workshop to another. Compared with the KPX series, the using time is not limited ; compared with the KPD series, it has no strict requirement for the construction of the railway. The load capacity is not limited and can be used frequently. If the running distance is more than 50m, a cable arranger needs to be installed to arrange the cables. The running distance of KPJ cable reel cart can reach to 200m.


Cable reel(Spring type, magnetic coupling type, motor-driven type);

Automatic stop when detecting obstacle or person, limit switches(to limit travel);

Operation way(hand held control pendant, remote radio control or operation platform with the cart);

Electrical parts(imported or made in China);

power supply position(middle or two ends);

Variable speed device(VFD);

Can be designed to meet special working environment such as high temperature.


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