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Henan KuangShan single and double girder bridge cranes are fully upgraded and continuously improve product quality

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At present, the quality concept and innovative thinking have gradually penetrated into the work consciousness of all employees of Henan KuangShan, and strive for excellence to become the core corporate culture of the company. We encourage creative implementation of any quality improvement and management innovation throughout the company, mobilize all the wisdom and strength that can be mobilized, and find a way for the company to develop, produce and service sustainable development, and bring positive and effective results to the company to seek the company's long-term success.


The company's decision-making layer realizes that if the company does not have excellent product quality, does not have its own unique and innovative technology, and the product is homogenized, then the company will gradually be eliminated by the market. Henan KuangShan combined with its own reality, made some explorations and attempts in optimizing structure and improving quality in lean production mode. Recently, the single and double girder bridge cranes have been fully upgraded to better serve customers.

1. The company's single girder bridge cranes use all forged roller wheels. Our company has become the first enterprise in the industry to realize the standardization of single beam forged wheels and continue to lead the industry development trend.


2. Recently, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and the double girder bridge cranes all adopt the heavy reducer produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which indicates that the quality of the reducer configuration of our company has reached a new level.

3. The power supply mode of the double girder bridge crane (common double beam, European double beam, hoist double) is changed from the original to the drag chain structure.The towline is made of engineering plastics, which is corrosion-resistant and light in weight. It can effectively reduce the driving force. Even in the case of load-bearing, it can still meet the long-stroke safety operation. For large-scale gantry cranes, the trolley is easy to run due to the long stroke and the bearing deformation of the beam. The partial problem, the floating head on the towline structure can effectively compensate the lateral displacement of the trolley, and ensure that the towline runs in a straight line in the guiding slot. Compared with the towing bridle, it not only improves the appearance quality of the product, but also improves the intrinsic quality of the product.

4. The company's double girder bridge crane, the hoisting motor power exceeds 26kw, the corresponding lifting mechanism adopts Henan KuangShan stator voltage regulating speed control system; the sum of running motor power exceeds 30kw, then the corresponding operating mechanism adopts Henan KuangShan stator pressure regulation Speed system. Henan KuangShan stator voltage regulation system is independently researched and developed by our company. The use of this system will greatly improve the stability of the crane lifting mechanism and the operating mechanism. The stator voltage regulation system is relatively stable, with a speed ratio of 1:10, and can operate stably in the environment of -25°C to +60°C, especially in the smelting occasions with high temperature, high dust and high operation intensity,  it can better reflect the superior stability of pressure regulating system.


The stator voltage regulation system adopts thyristor commutation, which eliminates the external reversing contactor and solves the problem of frequent contactor damage in the traditional speed control system. In addition, the stator voltage regulation control system runs smoothly, has less impact on external components, and can prolong the service life of external components such as gearboxes, couplings, and wire ropes. The stator voltage regulation and speed control system is convenient for maintenance and repair, and the uniformity of spare parts is good. The same type of circuit boards can be interchanged, which can effectively reduce the inventory of spare parts. After using the stator voltage regulation control system, it can save about 50% of the maintenance and repair cost than using the traditional series resistance speed control system.From the application environment, working conditions and economic performance of the crane, the stator voltage regulation is undoubtedly a new development direction of the crane speed control system.

Under the current market competition system, the fundamental starting point for enterprises to seek breakthroughs depends on the product quality of the enterprise. From a global perspective, the competition between enterprises is ultimately reflected in high-tech and high value-added products. The exploration of Henan KuangShan in improving product quality is still continuing, and the results are preliminary. Our work has just begun, and there is still a big gap between the “greening” of the industry and the goal of catching up with the advanced level of the industry. However, we will continue to explore and constantly improve. We hope that friends from all walks of life and business elites will give valuable advice to Henan KuangShan to help us continuously improve product quality. We will make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of China's industries.

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