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Henan KuangShan -correct installation method of electric hoist

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Many people have done a summary of the installation method and principle of the electric hoist, But many inexperienced people still don't know which is true and which is not. In order to help customers who really need it, the senior electric hoist installer of Henan KuangShan will make the following summary.

Henan Mine CD electric hoist

First, before installation


1. Unpack the box to check if the documents are complete. Be sure to test the electric hoist. Make sure that the electric hoist's random documents, instructions, and certificates are complete. Equipment and spare parts should match the packing list and the appearance of the equipment should be undamaged. Before the official installation of the electric hoist, it is necessary to test the previous process and confirm it before it can be installed.

    The buffering device at both ends of the rail or I-beam must be installed completely; the supporting point of the I-beam needs to be constructed according to the drawings to check whether the joint is firm; the splicing of the I-beam must be constructed according to the drawing, and the lower flange must be polished smooth without the wheel.

2. Inspection before installation: Before lifting, check the electric hoist lifting part of the reducer, whether to lubricate the lubricating oil according to the regulations, whether the lubricating part of the walking part is filled with grease; check whether the electric control box is wired according to the electrical diagram, and detect the lifting motor Insulation state of the traveling motor; check whether the fixed end of the wire rope is tight, and whether the plug is wedged; check whether the control button is wired correctly, and the safety wire of the fixed button must be install.

Henan Mine CD electric hoist

Second, when installing

     Adjustment of the motor spindle turbulence. If the electric hoist is too large at the rated load, it needs to be adjusted. The adjustment method is as follows: Remove the tail cover. Rotate the four screws that secure the adjusting nut. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to the limit position with a wrench, then turn it counterclockwise one turn, then install the fixing screw. Adjustment of the fire stop limiter.

Henan Mine NL chain hoist

Third, after installation

     Commissioning: After turning on the power, first check whether the running direction of each motor is consistent with the direction of the control button, and then press the following steps to test the car: no load test: start the forward and reverse test operation under no-load, check whether the control circuit is Correct, reliable operation of electrical equipment such as stoppers.

      Dynamic load test: Under the condition of good static load test, the dynamic load suspension test is carried out with 1.1 times rated load, the experimental period is 40s; rise for 6s, stop for 14s, drop for 6s, stop for 14s, so 15 cycles, experiment After visual inspection of each part, there is no abnormality, and no abnormality is qualified.

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