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Henan KuangShan - The purpose of the grab crane and its precautions during the rainy season

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1. What is the purpose of the grab crane?

Grab cranes can be used to carry a variety of objects. For example, in the ports, docks, station yard mines, yards and other aspects,the objects of a variety of bulk cargo, logs, minerals, coal, sand and gravel materials, earth and stone are loaded.

The main function of the grab crane is to take the object automatically. It is an automatic material picking machine. Its action of grabbing and unloading materials is operated by the driver of the ship unloader. It does not need auxiliary personnel, thus avoiding the heavy labor of the workers and saving the labor. Auxiliary working hours greatly improve loading and unloading efficiency. Not only that, but also increased the safety of production.

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2. What should the grab crane pay attention to during the rainy season?

Due to the special operating environment, through the operation space, there must be a series of links in the suspended object to a certain location. Once there is a problem in the middle link, it may cause an accident. So every step in the middle should pay attention, it is best to have someone work together.

Under normal circumstances, the load of the terminal grab is very heavy, weighing up to ton, or even hundreds of tons. It has a high potential energy in the process of lifting heavy objects suspended in the air. In the event of an accident, the high potential can quickly translate into kinetic energy, the entire safety is destroyed. The operator of the remote grab should pay attention to the slow and even operation, not too urgent.

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In the bad weather, especially in the rainy days should pay attention to avoid affecting the line of sight, the location of the staff is also more important. No others can appear around the crane's operation, and check some parts of the crane can operate safely.

Pay attention to the thunder and lightning and check if the circuit is in good condition. Moreover, the crane will be relatively slippery after being wet by the rain, and it must be tied with the rope when lifting. If the wind and heavy rain affect the operation, it must stop running.

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