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Fully automatic unmanned single beam crane main girder internal seam robot welding line, it must be an eye opener for you

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Fully automatic unmanned single beam crane main girder internal seam robot welding line, it must be an eye opener for you.

Recently, Henan KuangShan intelligent manufacturing robot family has added a new member---single beam crane main girder internal joint robot welding line. Why do we need to go to such an assembly line?

1/ Because of output

We have innovated the crane production process. According to lean production, we have built several intelligent production lines for cranes. The daily output of single-girder cranes has reached 140 units, but it still cannot meet the needs of customers.

2/ Because of quality

As our fist product, quality is our top priority. Our main beam has been formed once, and the forged wheel has become our standard. We will work hard on the welding quality.Therefore, we have installed a series of welding robots, including the current single beam crane main girder internal joint robot welding line.

Henan Mine Crane

This welding line has a length of 25 meters and is equipped with four Japanese Kawasaki welding robots. It can weld the company's standard products from 10.5m to 22.5m in various specifications. The welding range is completed in one time, including the bottom, side and strip of ribbed slab.

Henan Mine Crane

This welding line has the following characteristics:


1. Fully automatic

This welding line combines a series of high-precision technology and many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of cranes and automation, automatic positioning of products, robot automatically looking for ribs, automatic identification of weld starting position and real-time correction through arc tracking technology in the welding process. Automatic welding, cutting and spraying lubricants to prevent excessive internal splashing during the welding process.

Henan Mine Crane

2. Fully compatible

In the design stage, the workpiece welding rate was simulated by 3D simulation technology. Single-beam products with a length of 10.5 m to 22.5 m can be welded regardless of size, and various sizes of equipment can be adapted in the length direction. Four robots automatically search for ribs and automatically distribute the workload according to the length of the workpiece.


3. Full coverage

The inner seam of a single beam is welded once, whether between the rib plate and the U-shaped groove or between the strip and the U-shaped groove.


4. Zero defects

Compared with manual work, the welds formed by the robot are excellent in shape, the weld width is uniform, the surface is flat, and the defect is basically zero.

Henan Mine Crane

5. High strength.

Because the weld width is the same, the damage caused by stress concentration is greatly reduced. In addition, the average weld height is higher than that of manual welding, which greatly improves the strength of inner seam.

Henan Mine Crane

6. High efficiency

Four robots work together to automatically distribute the workload. Take the 5t-22.5m standard product as an example, compared with manual welding, the efficiency can be increased by 30%.

7. High accuracy.

The running device is powered by servo motor, equipped with precision reducer and high precision gear rack to ensure the running precision.

Henan Mine Crane

Gentlemen, how many lines do you think we need in our workshop?


At least two or three?  wrong!!!

Henan Mine

16 robot welding lines are required.


We want to fully cover the internal seam welding of each team in the single beam workshop, in order to achieve the ultimate quality of the crane.


Henan KuangShan co,. Ltd. is more exciting, so stay tuned! ! !

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