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Wheel-type Rail Laying Crane


Product Introduction:

Wheel-type rail laying crane is a kind of new rail laying machine, which is a kind of mechanical equipment independently developed by Henan Mine to meet the requirements of subway track construction. It is mainly used in the track laying and maintenance of subway construction. This machine USES electric hoist to achieve heavy lifting and landing through pulley group. The whole machine runs through the braking motor, coupling, worm gear reducer drive the active wheel to realize the whole machine along the track movement. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to realize synchronous stepless speed regulation operation of multiple cranes. This machine is suitable for working under 2000 meters above sea level, working temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃, humidity ≤ 90%, no fire and corrosive medium environment. The appearance size of the subway track laying machine meets the requirements of the construction limit of subway equipment, with the characteristics of stable start, safe and reliable braking, etc. The track laying machine is specially designed and manufactured for the subway 125 meters long track, and can also carry out the laying of the 25m track bar. When the track laying machine is working, the moving part of the cart adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the equipment starts smoothly. The motor is equipped with braking device, which can ensure the safety and reliability of metro rail laying machine braking on 35‰ of ramp. Power supply by cable drum, safe and environmental protection. This machine USES the highway transportation, extremely convenient, completely achieves the safety, the economy, the use.

Product Pictures:

kuangshan Wheel-type rail laying crane

kuangshan Wheel-type rail laying crane

kuangshan Wheel-type rail laying crane

Product Features:


1. Modular design, convenient transportation and installation.


2. Door frame lifting, distance changing, steering and concrete tank lifting all adopt electro-hydraulic control, stepless speed regulation, and each action can be executed independently or jointly.


3, concrete tank clamping mechanism is equipped with high-quality synchronous valve and safety valve, the synchronization degree is more than 98%.


4, walking frequency conversion speed regulation, all-wheel drive, high stability, strong ground adaptation.


5, an all-wheel steering and track shifting, steering machinery limit, straight line driving lock and other functions, efficient use.

kuangshan Wheel-type rail laying crane

kuangshan Wheel-type rail laying crane


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