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Wall Traveling Jib Crane


Wall Traveling Jib Crane of crane is mounted horizontally on the wall and instead of a vertical shaft has a RCC column bracket mounting. The hoist mechanism is similar to the floor mounted type, but without a vertical boom. The RCC column bracket allows a maximum rotation of 200 degrees but covers the area near the bracket mounting without obstruction at floor level.

henan mine wall traveling jib crane

1.Widely used in workshop, storage, yard, Fabrication shops, Machine shops, Assembly floors,  Loading/Unloading purposes, Indoor/Outdoor duty and some other fixed place

2.Wall Traveling Jib Crane Especially used for lifting in short-distance or serried place

3.Forbidden to use it in inflammable, explosive corrosive condition

(1). Simple installation

Wall Traveling Jib Cranes can be mounted on wall, no special floor space required.

(2).Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency

With a jib crane, workers can lift, quickly transport and precisely deposit all kinds of work pieces at any time.

(3).Easy handing, lighten laboring work

Wall Traveling Jib Crane can relieve the strain of physically demanding work on your staff. The risk of injuries or accidents when handing heavy or unwieldy parts is considerably reduced.

(4).High quality with good price

Wall Traveling Jib Crane are ending with full load factory testing of every part, certifies the functionality and quality to customers. We will offer you the most adequate equipment for your needs through good communication.


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