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Three years of COVID-19 has not stopped the steady progress of Henan Mine to climb the peak

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Three years of COVID-19 has not stopped the steady progress of Henan Mine to climb the peak


Three years of COVID-19, the more difficult and dangerous the more forward

Stepping up the bumpy road

Fight hard and set off again

From 2020 to 2022

Three years of epidemics

Changes are accelerating

three years

Henan Mine

Adhere to the "three hearts" cultural concept of filial piety

Practice the "six most" development goals

Stick to the original intention

Focus on lifting industry

Concentrate on making high-quality goods

Nurturing new opportunities in crisis

Opening up a new game in a changing situation

5.In this "epidemic" war without gunpowder smoke

Compose the "History of Struggle" of the mine people

The three-year epidemic has not stopped the steady progress of Henan mines to climb the peak. In the past three years, the company has insisted on not laying off employees, and the wages of employees have increased by an average of more than 30% every year. We have strengthened the innovation drive, increased technological research and development, high-quality intelligent manufacturing, and industrial chain layout, etc., sales have grown against the trend, and we have achieved the balance between epidemic prevention and control and operation and production, and continue to promote the company to become stronger and more refined.

1.Stronger and better,Maintain high-quality development

For mine workers, the epidemic is not only a crisis, but also an opportunity. We seize every opportunity, practice hard, innovate and change, scale expansion, high-quality strategy, key areas, strategic cooperation, filial piety culture, etc., and steadily promote the transformation and development of the company from strong to refined.

2.Scale expansion, strong chain supplementation and chain extension

henan Mine

Aerial view of the company headquarters.

henan mine

An aerial view of the company's smart industrial park.

On March 9, 2020, the construction of the second phase of the Henan Mining Intelligent Industrial Park started, pressing the fast-forward button for the company's high-quality development. The scale of the company is expanding year by year, the intelligent manufacturing equipment has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of production capacity has been increasing day by day, rapidly promoting the strategic transformation of the company to become stronger and more refined. With the company's intelligent industrial park put into operation and achieving results, a crane factory and intelligent manufacturing base for lifting equipment with first-class domestic and foreign standards, which integrates production automation, equipment digitization, information synchronization, product specialization and service personalization, has been formed. .

henan mine

Lifting Ecological Industry Chain Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park (bird's eye view rendering).

In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the company from strong to refined, Cui Peijun, the founder and secretary of the party committee of the company, improved the strategic positioning, and invested in the construction of an advanced manufacturing demonstration park for the crane ecological industry chain to develop and manufacture the core components and control systems of cranes, and promote their application. Achieve the self-production of crane core technology, solve the bottleneck problem that my country's high-end crane accessories have been relying on foreign high-priced imports, and break foreign technology and market monopoly.

henan mine

Equipment update, quality improvement and efficiency increase. The company has invested heavily in the introduction of high-tech equipment to build an advanced CNC finishing intelligent workshop in the domestic industry. The introduction of more than 600 welding and processing robots of various types and more than 100 automatic welding and processing production lines has improved the modern intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

3.High-quality products strategy, deep cultivation of key areas

henan mine

The high-quality, high-performance new double-girder crane developed by the company is used in the production and manufacture of high-end manufacturing equipment in Shenang, Jiangsu, and contributes to my country's nuclear power industry.

henan mine

The 160t+160t new explosion-proof double-girder bridge crane developed by the company marks the "zero breakthrough" of the large-tonnage explosion-proof bridge crane manufactured by the company in the aerospace field.

henan mine

A list of more boutique projects.

Under the background of the implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy, Henan Mine implemented the high-quality strategic transformation and successfully assisted the national logistics hub base projects such as Jinzhou Port, Taicang Port, and Wanli New Energy Land Port.Deeply cultivate key industries such as wind and solar power generation, carbon-based new materials, tunnel engineering, aviation forging, and military industry to create new economic growth poles and demonstrate the company's growing intelligent manufacturing capabilities;Vigorously expand Pakistan's waste heat power generation, Congo Mining, Bangladesh Power Plant, Serbia Copper, Indonesia Thermal Power and other key "Belt and Road" projects, further consolidating and enhancing domestic and international competitiveness.

4.Product innovation, intelligent manufacturing boutique

henan mine

The Xinyang vanadium and titanium 360t casting crane manufactured by the company is one of the representative products of "large-tonnage" cranes in Henan's mining boutique strategy, and it is currently the casting crane with the largest lifting capacity in China.

henan mine

More than 30 sets (sets) of crane products, including the 200t foundry crane of Baowu Masteel manufactured by the company, help Baowu Masteel's 3.2 million tons high-quality special steel boutique base.

henan mine

More boutique list.

Anchor intelligence, light weight, and greenization, increase independent product innovation, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. In the past three years, many large-tonnage, green and lightweight cranes have been used in key iron and steel industry fields such as Baowu Meishan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel, Chengdu Metallurgical Experimental Plant, Luzhou Xinyang Vanadium Titanium Iron and Steel, Hebei Tangyin Iron and Steel, and Maanshan Iron and Steel.

In the "steel jungle", new breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing have been achieved, and product and technological innovations have been realized.

5.Strategic cooperation, sharing and common prosperity

henan mine

List of strategic cooperation.

Strong alliance, hand in hand and win-win. In the critical period of the company's transformation and upgrading from strong to refined, Cui Peijun, the founder and secretary of the party committee of the company, went to make appointments with new and old friends in key enterprises to promote strategic cooperation in depth and solidity: XCMG Group, Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Group, Meishan Iron and Steel, Panhua Group, Yu Kunming Iron and Steel, Phoenix Iron and Steel, Xianfu Iron and Steel, Tianshan Aluminum, etc., the circle of friends of Henan Mining is getting bigger and bigger, gathering superior resources, and working together to promote the high-quality transformation and development of my country's manufacturing industry.

6.Leading by party building, planting momentum for development

henan mine

On September 1, the company's party committee was successfully re-elected. Cui Peijun was elected as the new party secretary.

henan mine

On October 16, the company's party committee organized party members and employee representatives of various branches to watch the opening ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and made important arrangements for the series of activities of "studying reports, learning party constitutions, learning party history, and becoming qualified party members (employees)".

henan mine

On October 17, the company's party committee held a "three studies and one action" mobilization meeting.

In the past three years of the epidemic, thanks to the warm care and intimate support of party committees and governments at all levels, Henan mines have been able to develop healthily and steadily. Especially this year is an important year when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held. Just in time, Henan Mine ushered in its 20th birthday. In the new era, Henan Mine, with a more vigorous, vigorous and enterprising youthful attitude, is full of vigor and vigor, overcoming obstacles, and has left a strong mark for the healthy and rapid development of China's lifting industry.

In the past three years, the company's party committee has continued to implement the strategy of "strengthening the enterprise with talents", actively carried out "three trainings and two recommendations", and trained more than 200 ordinary employees to become middle and high-level management backbones, and more than 1,000 front-line employees to become technical experts. Formed a technical team composed of more than 10 professors, doctors and well-known experts including Wang Jisheng, Xu Lei, Lu Nianli, Cheng Wenming and Lan Peng, and more than 200 middle and senior engineers, responsible for innovative design and development of products.

"China Heavy Machinery Industry Craftsman", "Henan Province Model Worker" Guan Jianchun, "Henan Province Innovation Talent" Hu Yongtang, "Xinxiang City May 1st Labor Medal" Chen Xiuzhong, and national, provincial and municipal "Worker Pioneer" teams have emerged successively Many other exemplary individuals and advanced collectives.

The "intelligence" of mines promotes the "intelligent manufacturing" of mines, which greatly stimulates the development vitality of enterprises.

7.Gain a new reputation and enhance the status of the industry

henan mine

In August this year, Cui Peijun (second from left), the founder and secretary of the party committee of the company, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the national material handling machinery standardization comprehensive knowledge training course. As the main organizer of the last conference, the standardization series work of Henan Mine has been unanimously recognized by authoritative experts from the four national standardization committees of heavy machinery, industrial vehicles, continuous handling machinery, and logistics storage equipment.

henan mine

In the past three years, the company has won the "China Industry Award Nomination Award", "National Enterprise Technology Center", "2021 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario", and "2022 National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise",

Selected into the list of "2022 New Generation Information Technology and Manufacturing Integration Development Pilot Demonstration",

Its independent innovative projects of "Real-time Safety Risk Monitoring and Emergency Response", "Product Digital R&D and Design" and "Intelligent Collaborative Operation" were selected as "2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenarios",

It has won the "Top 100 Henan Enterprises" and "Top 100 Henan Manufacturing Enterprises" for ten consecutive years.

A series of national and provincial honors demonstrate the company's continuous improvement in its comprehensive strength in technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and promote the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the company.

Through thick and thin

Avenue counterparts

A new Year

Henan Mine

Win-win with you!

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