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The 10th Mid-Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival in Henan Mines was Grandly Held!

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The 10th Mid-Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival in Henan Mines was Grandly Held!

The continuous drizzle in mid-autumn moistens the mines in Henan

Walking for filial piety and singing songs, joining hands to do good deeds

Twenty-one years of cultural accumulation of filial piety and kindness

The 10th Mid-Autumn Filial Piety Cultural Festival in Henan Mines

From September 25th to 28th

(August 11th to 14th of the lunar calendar)

Lifting ecological industry chain in gear transmission heavy industry

Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park was grandly held

This is a huge

A feast of filial piety and respect for the elderly

More than 3,600 employee parents are invited every day

Attended the Mid-Autumn Filial Culture Dinner for 4 consecutive days

Secretary Cui Peijun delivers a speech and wishes

In person to employees’ parents

Give flowers and give gifts

Drinking wine and giving gifts

at the same time

8 excellent suppliers selected for

and 29 awards were presented to the 11th “Mine Filial Stars”


Let’s enjoy the feast of filial piety culture together

Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival together!

henan mine crane

Leader’s speech, grand opening

Secretary Cui Peijun’s speech


an mine crane

Secretary Cui Peijun and the company’s senior management gave a toast to the mining families present and expressed their good wishes.

Recognize filial piety stars and inherit filial piety

Secretary Cui Peijun awards awards to “Mine Filial Stars”

 mine crane

Chapter 1: The culture of filial piety and kindness will last forever

opening dance

 mine crane

Opening dance "Filial Piety to Ten Thousand Families".

Poetry recitation

 mine crane

Poetry recitation "Xiaoman Mine".

Song medley

 mine crane

Filial piety singer Daping sang "Honor Mom and Dad", "Xiaoxiao Sasa" and "I Kowtow to Mom and Dad".

Chapter 2: Do good deeds and stay warm


 mine crane

Dance "Red Moving Mine".

Chapter 3: Not afraid of difficulties, shining in China

Song medley

henan mine crane

National second-level actor Jiang Tao sang "Friends and Relatives", "The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountains", and "Go Home Often". Songs and ambitions, Henan Mining adheres to the spirit of "The Foolish Old Man Moves Mountains" and uses faith, perseverance and hard work to create mining speed and mining myths.

Chapter 4: Thank you for being with us all the way

Filial piety and respect for the elderly

 mine crane 

henan mine crane 

 mine crane 

 mine crane

At the event, Secretary Cui Peijun presented flowers and holiday gifts to the parents of employees.

In the name of filial piety, we walk together with one heart.

"I will pamper my employees. Only when my employees are rich can I feel at ease... Even if you stay in a mine in Henan for a day, you must be a person who respects your parents."

Secretary Cui Peijun’s long-cherished wish moved every employee’s parents at the first Mid-Autumn Festival Filial Piety Cultural Festival. Gratitude to the mine and Xiaoshan mine have become the shining business cards of all mine workers.

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