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"Smart" Mine Manufacturing|Helping the Construction of Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge

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"Smart" Mine Manufacturing|Helping the Construction of Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge

The Jiangsu section of the 800-mile Yangtze River, a world-class cross-river project, and the "smart" construction of mines help accelerate the construction of the Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge.

henan mine crane

At the project site, the 300t new double-girder bridge crane manufactured by Henan Mine stands majestically and imposingly, helping my country's bridge construction to achieve new breakthroughs.

The Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge is a river-crossing channel project that was clearly promoted during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in the "Layout Plan for the Main Line of the Yangtze River Crossing the River (2020-2035)".

It is also a key implementation project of the comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridor of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in Jiangsu Province.

henan mine crane

The crane of this project adopts the concept of modular design, adopts modern computer technology, and adopts domestic advanced configuration, new materials and new technology to complete the new crane with light weight, generalization, energy saving and environmental protection, and high technology content.

Competitive Advantage:


Modular design, high degree of generalization, improve the utilization rate of parts.


The structure is light in weight, the reducer is all made of hard tooth surface, and the electrical design is integrated.


Full frequency conversion control, stable operation, precise positioning, maintenance-free, energy saving and consumption reduction.


Specially designed multi-faceted ports are reserved for crane upgrades, making it easy to upgrade equipment with one key.

henan mine crane

In recent years, Henan Mine has become a "preferred brand" for major national projects such as bridges, military industry, and aerospace, relying on its excellent product quality, stable and reliable operating performance, and superior technical advantages. Henan Mine will always adhere to the quality concept of "Do what you want and make high-quality products", develop more high-quality products, and contribute more to the high-quality development of China's lifting industry.

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