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Six-axis articulated robot

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kuangshan six-axis articulated robot

Recently, the CNC finishing center has come up with a new member:the six-axis articulated robot, which is mainly used in the gear automatic processing production line.

This gear automatic processing production line consists of 2 sets of Shenyang I5T3 CNC lathes, 1 set of imported FANUC-M20iA six-axis joint robots, 1 set of German Xiongke double-station hand-claw system, and 1 sets of gold-stone self-made eight-station circulating silos. 1 turning station, 1 electrical control cabinet and 1 set of peripheral protection interlocking with the robot.

The joint robot has a gripping capacity of 20kg, a spanning radius of 1811mm, and a repeating positioning accuracy of ±0. 08mm. The German Xiongke double-station hand-claw system not only can quickly complete the loading and unloading of the machine tool in 12 seconds, but also the feeding accuracy. Accurate, long service life, can guarantee 4 million times of refueling frequency; 8-station circulating silo can be compatible with parts with diameter Φ50mm~Φ220mm, each station can bear 100kg, the material height is 400mm, and the silo can be stored once. The material can meet the processing requirements of the automatic line for 8 hours.

The automatic line robot gives each equipment a refueling time of about 12 seconds, including auxiliary time such as chuck air blowing during refueling, so that the time for automatically releasing a finished product can be shortened by about 20 seconds compared to manual operation; in addition, the implementation of automatic line the effective operating rate of the equipment is guaranteed. The 8-hour working system of each shift can guarantee the effective operating rate of 7. 5 hours. If the manual line is used, the 8-hour working system can guarantee the effective operating rate of about 6 hours. The automatic line is more effective than the manual line device. 20%-25%, so the automatic line has greatly improved the production efficiency of manual line products.

kuangshan six-axis articulated robot

The loading and unloading of the automatic line machine and the attitude reversal are all automatically executed by the robot. No operator intervention is required, and it is not affected by human factors. Therefore, the consistency of the automatic line product and the overall processing quality are guaranteed, which effectively reduces the product rejection rate. , greatly improving the competitiveness of the product.

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