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Ship to Shore Crane


300ton Ship to shore crane which is a kind of hoisting machine special used on quayside, with swiftness benefit for loading and unloading container vessel. STS crane is mainly composed of gantry structure, Boom, trolley, crane traveling mechanism,Boom hoisting system, moving cab, machine room, spreader, electrical equipment and other necessary safety and auxiliary equipment.

300ton Ship to shore container crane are two common types of : Boom hinged container crane which used on sea shore, and Boom fixed container crane which used on river side. Boom hinged container crane, the boom can be lifted in the air to clear the ships for navigation. Boom fixed container crane's benefit is largely cutting down investment and operating cost.

WEIHUA can manufacture Panamax, Post Panamax, and Super Post Panamax container crane. The cranes handling 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet containers. Especially, the Super Post Panamax container crane can lifting two 40 feet containers.

henan mine ship to shore crane

-Working temperature: -25°~40°

-Power supply: 3ph, 380v, 50HZ or according to customer's demands

-Working duty: A5-A7

-Control model: cabin room, remote control and both

1, to learn from first-class innovation at home and abroad advanced technology industries.

2, the whole steel structure of the application of ANSYS software to optimize the design.

3, mature hydraulic drive technology, 

4, Germany, Flanders Hardened reducer drive technology.

5.Excellent PLC program development capabilities, according to user needs the preparation of different control methods.

6,the lubrication system to reduce the maintenance workload.

Screw type ship unloader is a mechanical ship discharger for unloading bulk materials.

Ship unloader with max capacity up to 3200 ton per hour, high reliable and quick lead time on turnkey basis

 1.Ship unloader, used for transiting coal, cement and clinker aggregate, etc.

 2.Type of ship unloader:

1)Screw continuous ship unloader

2)Bridge type ship unloader

3) Chain bucket type ship unloader

4)Suspended ship unloader

5)Pneumatic ship unloader


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