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Safety inspection specification of double beam crane and maintenance precautions -- Henan KuangShan

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kuangshan double beam crane

As a kind of crane, double beam crane should pay special attention to safety  issues, and of course, repairs are required in the event of damage. So, what are the safety inspection specifications for double girder cranes? What are the maintenance precautions? Please see the experience from the Henan KuangShan.

1. Safety inspection specifications for double girder cranes

The safety inspection items and main points of the double girder crane are as follows: the hoisting limiter, the lead limit switch and each interlocking mechanism have normal performance, safety and reliability; the main components meet the safety requirements, and there is no peeling, burr or welding repair. Double beam crane hook hangers and pulleys have no obvious defects. The surface of the wire rope is worn, corroded, without breakage, no obvious thinning, no core removal, dead angle twisting, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning phenomenon. The ends of the wire rope are connected and the clamps, pressing plates and cheese block are firmly connected, and there is no looseness.

The double girder crane has no cracks, and there is no looseness in connection and fixing; the diameter ratio of the coiling block and the wire rope meets the requirements. The balance wheel is fixed and the wire rope should meet the requirements. The brake has no crack, no looseness, no serious wear, and the brake clearance has the same size and sufficient braking force.

Through the safety routine inspection of the double-girder crane, it has played a significant role in eliminating personal accidents, reducing equipment accidents, improving equipment operation rate, and reducing maintenance costs.

2. Double beam crane pulley unit maintenance precautions

The double-beam crane maintenance and repair pulley block shall be inspected for cracks. The pulley shaft shall not have cracks. The journal shall not wear the original diameter of 30%, and the conical degree shall not exceed 5%. If it exceeds this value, it shall be replaced; the inspection of the shaft hole, after overhaul, the shaft hole is allowed no more than 0.25CM defects, and the depth should not exceed 4mm.

Inspection and repair of the double beam crane pulley groove, check the pulley groove shape with the sample plate, the radial wear should not exceed 30% of the wall thickness, otherwise it should be scrapped. Those who can't exceed the standard can repair it. After the overhaul, the sample should be checked. The bottom and lateral clearance should not exceed 0.5mm. The deviation between the center line of the wheel groove and the center line of the pulley should not exceed 0.2mm. The deviation shall not be greater than 1mm; after assembly, it shall be able to be flexibly rotated by hand, and the lateral oscillation shall not exceed D/1000, it is the nominal diameter of the D-pulley.

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