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Quality Pioneer|Zhao Mingan, Class 1, Double Beam, Henan Mine Intelligent Industrial Park

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Quality Pioneer|Zhao Mingan, Class 1, Double Beam, Henan Mine Intelligent Industrial Park


In 2010, when Henan Mines was in the development stage from large to powerful, Zhao Mingan, together with a large number of farm children, came to Henan Mines to engage in crane production and manufacturing with the ideal of becoming an industrial worker. Throw down the hoe, pick up the welding gun, and start your own struggle in the flashing production workshop. In the eyes of ordinary people, electric welding is hard and tiring, but Zhao Mingan has worked hard for thirteen years with his hard-working energy. From farmers to workers, from welders to team leaders, the changes in identity show the beauty of the struggle of front-line employees in the mines.

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Develop excellent skills as long as you are willing to work hard

When he first arrived, Zhao Ming'an made up his mind to "learn the technology well and not be overwhelmed by the art". He humbly learned from the master and worked while learning. After work every day, I would go to the workshop and practice hard on welding skills, often for several hours at a time. Even if my eyes were red from sleeping and my legs were numb from squatting, I still persevered. In addition, he also actively participated in various technical trainings and job practices of the company, and his hard work paid off. Not only did he successfully complete various production tasks, he also developed excellent welding skills and became an excellent welding technician. With his excellent skills and outstanding work performance, he quickly became the technical backbone of the class. He grew from an ordinary welder to a team leader and realized his own value in the broad platform of the company.k3

Build a solid line of defense and improve safety skills

He always adheres to the principle of "Nothing is trivial in production, and safety is paramount." "Safety is the top priority in everything we do. If we find safety hazards, we must not lie or conceal them, but report them as soon as possible."

"In order to deeply imprint the thought of safety first into the hearts of every member of the team, he conscientiously publicizes and implements the company's safety production regulations and rules at every group meeting, and cooperates with the Safety and Environment Department to carry out safety learning activities. Once a safety accident case occurs , summarize the violations and mistakes and learn from them together with everyone. "Accidents often happen inadvertently. "He always warns team members. Under his leadership, everyone's awareness of their own safety responsibilities and safety production skills have been enhanced.


Strictly control quality and strive for excellence

As market competition becomes more intense, customers and the market have more stringent product requirements, and production pressure increases. The more difficult it is, the more motivation it can inspire to overcome difficulties. Faced with each production task, he led the team members to focus on technical discussions, drawing analysis, process improvement, etc., and worked hard to tackle the key problems. Faced with each production process, he strictly controlled and did not allow the slightest quality problem. "You mine workers are amazing!" Customers who came to inspect gave thumbs up to their work attitude of excellence.


Looking back on the path he has taken, Zhao Mingan said frankly that learning technology well is the foundation for a stable life and the foundation for personal development. As an industrial worker, only by closely linking personal survival with enterprise development, demanding oneself as a master, and improving one's professional skills and overall quality can one realize the value and ideal of life. Labor is the most beautiful thing, and struggle is the most beautiful thing. "Advanced individual", "model worker", "filial piety star in the mine"... For him, the more honors, the greater the responsibility. As a miner, he keeps up with the company's development and makes unremitting efforts to contribute to the company's journey from strength to excellence.

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