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Perfect Closing | The 10th Mid Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival of Henan Mine

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Perfect Closing | The 10th Mid Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival of Henan Mine

 mine crane

Rain and dew grace, good deeds and good deeds

Filial piety and respect for the elderly, celebrating both festivals together

September 25-28

August 11th to 14th in the lunar calendar

During the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day

Coming soon

A Different Mid Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival

In the ecological industrial chain of gear transmission heavy lifting industry

Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park

Facing the continuous autumn rain, the grand opening ceremony

Accompanied by the bright moonlight, the perfect ending

Four consecutive days of Mid Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival reunion family banquet

More than 3600 employees' parents every day

Accumulated over 16800 people

617 on-site service personnel per day

Efficient collaboration, unity and order

There are also Jiang Tao and Jin Buhuan

Blessed by famous stars such as Black Dragon and Jiang Peng

A massive event

A Feast of Filial Piety Culture Renowned throughout the Country

Shock, warmth, joy, happiness

Exciting scenes and exciting performances!


The act of filial piety and kindness, a warm review

Every Mid Autumn Festival Filial Piety Culture Festival

Secretary Cui Peijun's earnest advice

Always unchanged theme words

It's like 'filial piety comes first'

Filial Piety to Parents

"Unite brothers and sisters"

Unite colleagues

Be a dignified miner

Plain language, like bouquets of fragrant flowers

Refreshing and empowering


Cui Peijun, founder and party secretary of Henan Mine, delivered a speech.


Awards and commendations, working together with one heart

Inherit the culture of filial piety and establish a model of filial piety and morality

At the event site, Secretary Cui Peijun

Awarding the 29th 10th "Mine Filial Piety Star"

At the same time, awards will be given to outstanding suppliers and winning units in the buyer show.

 mine crane

 mine crane

 mine crane


Singing and dancing, exciting and diverse

Sing for one's aspirations, walk on the same path

Looking up at the sky above and beyond

Walking and walking, one's feet are flat

I have a foolish ambition in my heart

Secretary Cui Peijun

Leading Henan Mines to Break Through the Sky

Return to hometown and benefit the mulberry land

Adhering to the principle of "enabling people in the beach area to live a good day of common prosperity"

The sincere original intention has driven more than ten thousand people to find employment

Rich villagers' pockets, the village has a new look!

 mine crane 

 mine crane


Grateful Moving Forward, With You Along the Way

Filial piety comes first

With you, the moon becomes more round

Warm and happy smiling faces one after another

Harmonious and warm scenes one after another


Rule the enterprise with morality and be filial to the mining industry!

 mine crane 

 mine crane


Concurrent activities, creating a city of "wisdom"

Authoritative expert in the Chinese crane industry

Dr. Xu Lei, Senior Manager of Henan Mines

Lead the business manager to visit

China Crane Machinery Museum

And in the Henan Mine Intelligent Industrial Park

Conduct teaching and training.

 mine crane

 mine crane

Since 2012, Henan Mine has held an annual "Mid Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival". Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company invests more than ten million yuan to hold a series of activities for the Mid Autumn Festival filial piety culture festival. Invite all employees' parents to participate in the Mid Autumn Festival Filial Piety Culture Festival banquet with the theme of "filial piety comes first, and the moon becomes more round with you". They will offer filial piety wine, flowers, gifts, and watch exciting cultural programs to celebrate the reunion holiday together. So far, more than 84800 employees, their parents, friends from all walks of life, and merchants from all over the country have been invited to banquets, including this year.

Practice filial piety and kindness, sing for filial piety

Filial piety comes first

Inherit filial piety and kindness, and be kind to others

Jointly building concentric circles

Let's call it 'miners'

Strive for excellence and strive for excellence

A new chapter on co mining

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