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Model Craftsman|Ren Feng, Henan Mining Machine Processing Workshop

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Model Craftsman|Ren Feng, Henan Mining Machine Processing Workshop


Three hundred and sixty lines, every line will be the number one scholar. As a skilled craftsman trained by the company, he has been honing his youth for 20 years, sticking to the front line of production, relying on excellent technology, craftsmanship spirit of excellence and dedication to the company. He has won the company's "May 1st Model Worker" five times and won the "Advanced Individual" three times. ", won the "Technical Expert" twice, he is the turner of the Henan Mine Machining Workshop: Ren Feng

 henan mine crane

henan mine crane

As long as you try very hard, you can achieve anything

Since joining the Henan mine in 2003, he has always been on the front line of production.

Although his education level is not high, he is diligent and eager to learn, thanks to the company's talent training measures of "replacing training with posts, replacing apprentices with teachers, and training in actual combat".

Soon after, he grew from an apprentice to a backbone lathe worker, starting his own journey as a craftsman.

Once you set your goals, you need to work hard and study hard. To bear hardships, study hard, endure loneliness, not only to learn technology modestly, but also to learn the master's rigorous and serious work style and honest and trustworthy attitude towards life.

At the beginning of his work, his main energy was spent on pondering technology, pondering knife sharpening skills, machine tool performance, workpiece materials, technical requirements, and processing technology, and consolidated basic skills bit by bit.

Under the leadership of the master and personal efforts, he has gradually become a leader among lathe workers and the backbone of production. He has undertaken many production tasks of new products with high precision and difficult processing in the company, and has become a skilled talent.

henan mine crane

Innovation has no size, the key lies in the heart

At work, he is diligent in using his brain and making various small innovations.

These "small innovations" may seem insignificant, but they are "real money" for enterprises:

According to the quality and process standards of the workpiece to be produced, after repeated pondering and testing, the part of the tool bar is made into a certain taper to strengthen the rigidity of the tool bar and increase the cutting speed.

He uses the remaining round steel to make other non-standard finished products, so as to make the best use of everything and improve the utilization rate of materials. For complex workpieces, use tooling innovation to save time and effort to produce qualified finished products.

He cultivated a sense of responsibility and improved his skills through small reforms from a young age. During the transformation and upgrading stage of the company from big to strong and from strong to refined, most of the trial parts and key processed parts of new products were handed over to him for production and processing. He also fulfilled the heavy trust and completed various tasks time and time again.

henan mine crane

Do a good job of teaching and leading, and cultivate the reserve army

In his daily work, in addition to doing his job well, he only thinks about improving quality and efficiency, leading apprentices well, and creating more economic benefits for the company. Because his home is near the factory, he regards the factory as his home, and he always rushes forward when he is in a hurry, and he can always complete the tasks on schedule or even exceed the schedule, and the leaders and colleagues praise him very much. The company has a long-standing tradition of "passing on and leading". He is keen to pass it on. While improving his own work skills, he will unreservedly teach the skills he has learned to his apprentices, and will help solve any problems. In order to pass on the technology to young people, he personally demonstrated and carefully guided more than a dozen apprentices under his leadership, all of whom have grown into production backbones and technical experts.

henan mine crane

Improve your skills and master your true skills

Faced with the company's growing growth, he realized that only by continuous learning can he keep up with the company's development pace and operate higher-end equipment. He participated in various skills training courses held by the company to learn the essentials of advanced machine tool operation and improve the quality of workpiece processing. Under the leadership of Jin Xiaobo, the director of the machining workshop of "China's Heavy Machinery Industry Craftsman" and "Xinxiang May 1st Labor Medal", he innovated working methods, devoted himself to exploring lathe tools and fixtures, and continued to learn and research in technological innovation. Innovation has improved efficiency and quality, reduced costs, and influenced workers to increase their skills. Using the innovation team as a platform, he strives for perfection in his work and has developed superb lathe operation skills. He has become a veritable craftsman and won the title of "Technical Expert" and so on.

henan mine crane

Steel needs to be tempered, and model workers come from perseverance. For twenty years, he has been loyal to the company, based on his position, diligent and self-motivated, and has the courage to take responsibility. He has made his due contribution to the company's development from strong to refined and high-quality.

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