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High Quality Metallurgy Electric Hoist


Metallurgy hoists have been developed especially for the metallurgy industry. These hoist are designed to lift molten metal or other solid state, high-temperature loads. These hoists have the quality and reliability to make your facility a safe working environment.

The installation of these hoists depend on the application and the manufacturing facility where they are going to be used. They can be installed on electrical single girder cranes or double girder cranes, or it can be installed in a fixed overhead track

kuangshan metallurgy electric hoist

Metallurgy Electric Hoist for metallurgy is a metallurgy crane equipment mainly used for lifting molten metal. Its lifting capacity is less than or equal to 10t and lifting height is less than or equal to 20m.The working environment temperature is -10°C~60°C and relative humidity is less than 50% under the condition of 40°C temperature .Electric hoist has many protection functions such as double braking, double spacing, heat insulation plate and so on. Metallurgy electric hoist is a perfect light-duty metallurgy hoisting equipment that can be used together with LDY type metallurgy single girder crane and can be installed under workshop fixed suspending rail to use individually. Design and manufacture of metallurgy electric hoist meet the requirements of AQSIQ Do#(2007)375.Other situations that lift fusion non –metallic material or hot solid metal also can refer.

1.The electric hoist job level up to M6;
2.Lifting mechanism configuration has a support brake and a safety brakes, when tapered motor brake failure or intermediate transmission links fails, installed in high speed reducer shaft of the dc electromagnetic brake or installed in the drum brake began to action, ratchet wheel brake, avoid heavy weight to stall dangerous;
3.With a double limit on the limit function;
4.Weight limit protection;
5.High temperature heat insulation protection function;
6.Lifting motor and running the insulation of the motor by H class and grade in lifting motor overheating protection device placed in the windings;
7.The special occasion of wire rope configuration metallurgy high strength and high temperature wire rope

Hoist parts

Brief description


Motor is using for hoist trolley travel and hoist lifting. Our supplier brand as your requirement

Gear box

Gear box is using for hoist lifting.using 16tons capacity always use round shape gear box. More than 16tons capacity always adopt square shape. It is made by our factory, all the gear inside through heat treatment to keep its long using life

Rope guide

To prevent the wire rope from winding disorderly, we have cast iron or steel rope guide

Remote control

Remote control have wired type and wireless type,it can be choosed by your requirement are with water proof protection, light and durable.


Hooks is the sling for hoist , we have our forge workshop to keep the quality of forging hook with 360degree rotation and hight bearing strength.

Wire rope

We have normal wire rope and galvanized type wire rope mainly adopt china top quality.

Height limiter

It can keep the hoist lift within suitable lift height when the goods lift to max height the power will be cutted automatically



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