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Henan Mine will Meet You at the 8th China·Changyuan International Lifting Equipment Expo!

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Henan Mine will Meet You at the 8th China·Changyuan International Lifting Equipment Expo!

Henan Mine Crane

henan mine crane

Opening Ceremony

Green and intelligent, driven by innovation

Gathering new kinetic energy for the coordinated development of China's lifting equipment

March 24

The 8th China·Changyuan International Lifting Equipment Fair

Grand opening!

Relevant leaders of the national, provincial and municipal governments, experts from relevant associations, relevant departmental units and heads of enterprises attended the opening ceremony.

The theme of this year's Crane Equipment Expo is "Green Intelligence, Innovation-Driven, Gathering New Momentum for the Collaborative Development of China's Lifting Equipment".

Henan Mine Crane


Secretary Cui Peijun Tour Exhibition

henan mine crane

Yue Xiangbin, vice president of Henan Mining, was interviewed by the media

Henan Mine made a wonderful appearance with "420 square meters of super large area special equipment", showing customers all-round automation, digitalization and intelligent solutions of cranes.

Innovation Driven, Wisdom Feast

01 Booth service




Welcome to Henan Mine AT07.AT09 booth

02 Centralized signing




At the centralized signing ceremony, Henan Mine signed an annual supply and demand agreement with Angang, TISCO, SEW, Schneider, etc.

03 New product release


At the crane new product launch conference,

Henan Mine released the self-developed automatic steel plate handling crane, simulated water rescue crane, intelligent truss robot, automatic cast pipe handling crane, automatic ton bag handling crane and other intelligent crane products,

The new technologies, new products and new applications of lifting equipment were displayed intensively.

04 Observe research



Experts from China Heavy Machinery Industry Association visited the company's Intelligent Industrial Park and the Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park of Gear Transmission Heavy Industry Hoisting Ecological Industry Chain to observe and investigate

Henan Mine deeply implements the innovation-driven development strategy, continues to increase investment in research and development, and improves and improves the crane industry chain.

Further enhance the core competitiveness, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from strong to refined, and make their own contributions to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and economic construction in Henan Province.

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