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Henan Mine was Selected as "2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario"

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Henan Mine was Selected as "2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario"

On January 3, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly released the list of units and excellent scenarios for the 2022 Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Factory. Henan Mine Crane Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Mine") relies on its lean innovation in intelligent manufacturing, digital strategic layout, etc.,

Its self-developed "safety risk real-time monitoring and emergency response", "product digital R&D and design" and "intelligent collaborative operation" were selected as "2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario".

After the company's "Quality Accurate Traceability System Based on Full Lifecycle Management Platform" won the "2021 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario", it has won four national-level intelligent manufacturing excellent scenarios for two consecutive years.

henan mine

henan mine

Real-time monitoring and emergency response to safety risks

Based on industry characteristics and company needs, Henan Mine recognizes and perceives human appearance and behavior through network cameras, and uses artificial intelligence algorithms based on convolutional neural networks, computer vision, biometric recognition, complex environment recognition and other technologies to make intelligent judgments and decisions , realize self-perception, self-learning, self-detour, self-control and other capabilities, and solve the safety problems of crane man-machine operations.

Product digital R&D and design

henan mine product

Henan Mine is based on industry characteristics and company needs, based on commercial finite element analysis software system, Based on crane-related standards and specifications, modern statics and dynamics calculation and analysis methods, integrated with self-developed crane structure strength, stiffness, stability and other calculation and analysis modules, a unified platform for parametric finite element modeling, calculation and analysis of crane structures has been formed. , realizing the rapid and automatic analysis and optimization of the crane structure.

Intelligent collaborative work

henan mine factory view

Henan Mine has changed the traditional layout mode of finishing production and adopted intelligent equipment such as industrial robots, high-end CNC lathes and CNC gear hobbing machines, precision testing devices, and visual recognition devices. With the application of technologies such as automatic handling, CNC machining, precision inspection and machine vision, hundreds of robot CNC machining production lines for crane parts have been built. It realizes the intelligent production of crane shafts and gear parts, such as robot visual recognition and material grabbing, automatic robot loading and unloading, automatic machining of CNC machine tools and automatic accuracy detection, and realizes efficient organization and operation coordination of crane parts production.

As a leading company in the hoisting industry, Henan Mining took the lead in independently developing digital design and simulation of products, flexible configuration of production lines,

Human-machine collaborative operation, product quality optimization, real-time monitoring and identification of safety risks, data value-added services, remote operation and maintenance of products, mass customization and other excellent intelligent manufacturing scenarios, It has great economic benefit and demonstration effect. In the future, Henan Mine will continue to promote intelligent, digital, and green transformation and upgrading, and play a leading role in demonstration and leading roles in manufacturing technology breakthroughs, process innovations, and scene integration, and contribute to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing innovation and development in the lifting equipment industry.

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