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Henan Mine started a company-wide "Quality Inspection"

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Henan Mine started a company-wide "Quality Inspection"

On April 7, the company-wide "Quality Inspection" of Henan Mine was carried out vigorously. The quality inspection team composed of the company's quality improvement executive team, quality assurance department, process department and team leader conducts special inspections on key processes.


"Quality Inspection" at the company headquarters


The company's intelligent industrial park "Quality Inspection"

In order to realize the quality control of the whole process and further strengthen the inspection of standard implementation, the quality inspection team starts from the "source" of production, focusing on pretreatment (main beam, steel shot blasting), assembly (bending plate angle, bolt torque, brake wheel, Coupling installation, machining), inner seam, finished product protection, etc. conduct special follow-up inspections, and timely improve and improve the inspection results, treatment opinions and rectification measures to ensure stable product quality.


Quality inspection team, strict implementation of quality standards for inspection

For a long time, the company has always adhered to the production and service concept of "quality first, customers first", highlighted the whole process control, strengthened quality supervision, grasped quality research, focused on solving existing quality problems, and promoted the smooth completion of annual quality goals and tasks.


The high-quality and high-performance new double-girder crane developed by the company is used in the production of high-end manufacturing equipment in Shengang, Jiangsu, and contributes to my country's nuclear power industry.


The Xinyang Vanadium and Titanium 360T. foundry crane developed by the company is one of the masterpieces of "large tonnage" crane products in Henan Mine's high-quality strategy, and is currently the largest foundry crane in China.


The four-girder cast bridge crane developed by the company has the characteristics of precise speed regulation and efficient operation. It uses monitoring and sensing control technology to realize functions such as fault detection and control, and assist smelting enterprises to achieve production process optimization and matching, intelligent control and low-carbon production.

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