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Henan Mine shares the Dragon Boat Festival with you

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Henan Mine shares the Dragon Boat Festival with you


The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the company's welfare package, "zongzi" love is online!

Starting from May 31, the company will distribute the carefully prepared rice dumpling gift boxes to

 the mine families in batches to thank the overseas business managers for their hard work.



On the welfare distribution site, boxes of fragrant rice dumplings brought not only the enjoyment of taste, 

but also the company's constant care and good holiday wishes.

 The company is filled with a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere.


All along, the company manages the enterprise with morality and cares about its employees. 

On traditional festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, 

we will send benefits and blessings to employees, 

bringing a full sense of happiness and fulfillment to business managers, 

employees and their families.

Dragon Boat Festival is approaching

Henan Mine wishes everyone in advance

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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