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Henan Mine Won the "2022 China Standard Innovation Contribution Award"

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Henan Mine Won the "2022 China Standard Innovation Contribution Award"

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced the list of winners for the "2022 China Standard Innovation Contribution Award". The group standard "Crane Rolling Wheels" led by Henan Mine won the third prize of the "2022 China Standard Innovation Contribution Award Standard Project Award", marking that Henan Mine has achieved significant results in leading high-quality development of enterprises with standards.


It is reported that the China Standards Innovation Contribution Award is established by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Administration, and is divided into standard project awards, organizational awards, and individual awards. It is selected every two years and is the highest award set for standardization across the entire industry in China.

This award-winning project is another important breakthrough in standard innovation for Henan Mines. As a member unit of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Lifting Machinery, Henan Mine relies on a national innovation platform to assist enterprises in innovative, coordinated, intelligent, and green development through standards. So far, the company has authorized more than 540 patents and participated in the formulation and revision of over 60 international, national, industry, local, and group standards.



The standardization series of mines in Henan Province has been unanimously recognized by authoritative experts from four national level standardization committees, including heavy machinery, industrial vehicles, continuous handling machinery, and logistics warehousing equipment.




All along, Henan Mine has been closely following the national standardization strategy deployment, using standardization to standardize enterprise management, adopting advanced standards to improve product quality and service level, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises, and transform scientific and technological achievements. With standardization, it promotes the overall improvement of enterprise technology and continues to promote the company's transformation and upgrading from strength to precision

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