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Henan Mine Helps Wanli New Energy Smart Land Port

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Henan Mine Helps Wanli New Energy Smart Land Port

Recently, good news came from the project site of Wanli New Energy Smart Land Port (hereinafter referred to as "Wanli Land Port") in Ordos City, The delivery of the track-mounted container gantry crane manufactured by Henan Mine is another masterpiece of container gantry crane since Henan Mine implemented the high-quality strategy. It demonstrates the increasing innovative and creative capabilities of Henan Mines, helping the project achieve an annual throughput of 5 million tons.

henan mine rail-mounted container gantry crane

The whole crane adopts Schneider frequency conversion speed regulation and Siemens PLC control system, which has remote monitoring RCMS and operation functions. On this basis, it is equipped with an anti-sway system and a collection truck anti-lift system. , to realize zero-return monitoring of the spreader and automatic guidance of the spreader, ensuring the precise positioning of container lifting; adapting to complex lifting stations, effectively improving the efficiency of container loading and unloading, and meeting the needs of Wanli Land Port for daily handling and lifting.

henan mine control system

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ordos energy data platform will be built with the Ordos dry port as the core, which will drive the development of emerging logistics, equipment manufacturing and related supporting industry clusters.The rail-mounted container gantry crane tailored by Henan Mine for Wanli Land Port will provide high-quality products and services and excellent container yard loading and unloading operations.Greatly enhance the container cargo capacity of the dry port, and provide technical and equipment support for its overall operation.

group photo

In the future, Henan Mine will carry out in-depth cooperation with Green Energy and Hubio Logistics on the new energy smart land port project, helping them build an intensive, efficient, green, intelligent, open and shared modern logistics network in the Hubao, Ewu, and Wu regional hubs.

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