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Henan Mine Helps Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Achieve Transformation and Upgrading

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Henan Mine Helps Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Achieve Transformation and Upgrading

Based on the intelligent manufacturing advantages of intelligence, greenness and high-quality development, Henan Mine implements the strategy of high-quality goods to help Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group achieve transformation and upgrading.

henan mine crane

A site inspection

Recently, at the crane manufacturing site of the company's large project, an A-inspection expert group composed of Xi'an Haiwei Xincheng Inspection and Testing Consulting Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Saidi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.,

Braving the high temperature and scorching heat, keep improving, strictly control the quality, check and accept the cranes of the Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group project, pass the on-site inspection of the parameters of the cranes, and check the relevant records of the cranes,

Each inspection item meets the requirements of the A inspection, and successfully passed the expert A inspection.


A site inspection

This batch of cranes was used in key transformation and upgrading projects of Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Henan Mine has contracted 16 complete sets of crane equipment for this project, which has the following technical advantages:

1. The hoisting mechanism adopts a stator voltage regulation and speed regulation system, and a communication interface is reserved. The large and small vehicles adopt frequency conversion speed regulation to increase the stability of lifting;

2. Equipped with PLC control and touch screen monitoring system, accurate positioning, intuitive and controllable faults, improving system safety and reliability;

3. Equipped with a high-performance speed control system, taking "green, environmental protection, and intelligence" as the core design concept, adding redundant design to facilitate later intelligent upgrades.

henan mine crane

A site inspection

In the face of customers' strict requirements on crane product performance design, quality technology, and operating accuracy,

Henan Mine adheres to the concept of "establishing the awareness of high-quality products, creating high-quality products and intelligent manufacturing", takes customers as the center, and relies on the advantages of its own industrial chain agglomeration,

From the high-quality accessories to the complete machine, the implementation of the whole process of quality control fully guarantees the production and manufacturing of the project products, and realizes the delivery on schedule, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Sincere cooperation

Create a quality project

Henan Mine and Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

Another brilliant innovation!

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