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Henan Mine | Declare war on product defects

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Henan Mine | Declare war on product defects



Secretary Cui Peijun's speech

"Make high-quality products if you want to, and declare war on product defects. The company has been developing for 20 years. We have insisted on unselfish management, cruel and ruthless quality, and regard product quality as the life of the enterprise. Practice has proved that we can only use high-quality products, careful and intelligent Only by creating high-quality products and high-quality services can we win the market. The company will never allow defective products to leave the factory." On June 14, Cui Peijun, the company's founder and party secretary, convened middle and high-level and front-line team members to hold a "declaration of war on product defects" on-site meeting . Defective products will be "scrapped in place" on site.



On-site cutting crane


Chairman Wu Gaoxuan's speech

In the annual high-quality creation activities, quality month activities, and all-staff quality competition activities, the product quality has been steadily improved, and the company has become a "quality benchmarking enterprise for Chinese industrial enterprises". Now that the company has entered a period of transformation from strong to refined, we must resolutely implement the requirements of Secretary Cui Peijun, make high-quality products as needed, and have zero tolerance for product quality! Therefore, we must start from the details, move the quality inspection forward, prevent the micro-destruction, and plug the loopholes; pay attention to every detail and strictly control the quality of each process. , at any cost, destroy and redo, not factory! At the same time, all employees, business managers and customers are welcome to brainstorm, supervise and guide, and jointly promote the stable improvement of product quality.

Insist on quality issues without compromise

Insist on quality awareness

Adhere to quality means do not fall behind

Mining people concentrate on making high-quality products

Comprehensive and continuous improvement of product quality!

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