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Henan Mine 360T Foundry Crane

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"The 360T foundry crane produced by Henan Mine has excellent technology and excellent performance,

 and meets our needs for 2 million tons of steel production capacity..."

 After seeing the smooth, safe and accurate operation of this 360T foundry crane during its commissioning,

The director of Luzhou Xinyang Vanadium-titanium Steel works was full of praise.


This 360T casting crane is one of the representative works of "large tonnage" crane products in Henan Mine's high-quality strategy, 

and it is currently the largest casting crane in China.

The bridge frame and trolley frame of the crane product are integrally processed

 by the company's large-scale processing equipment, 

which effectively improves the assembly accuracy and performance; 

It has the functions of fault self-diagnosis and precise operation positioning; 

all mechanisms are redundantly designed, and cooperate with the safety monitoring system

 to ensure and improve the reliability and stability of the crane operation.


At present, in the hot production atmosphere of the company's quality improvement month, 

all the miners have set up 18 quality improvement teams to fully ensure the quality and 

production safety in all aspects of production and operation such as products, services, technology, supply, safety and hygiene, etc. ,

to hand in a satisfactory answer for customers and the market. The 250T gantry crane of a hydropower station, 

the 160T double-beam casting crane of Meishan Iron and Steel, the 200T four-beam casting crane of Maanshan Iron and Steel, 

and the 280T four-beam casting crane of Chengdu Metallurgy are high-quality cranes of large tonnage and large projects, 

which are widely used in major industries such as hydropower stations, metallurgy and steel. 

It demonstrates the strength of the company's technology research and development and manufacturing.


In recent years, Henan Mine has vigorously promoted the strategic transformation and upgrading of high-quality products, 

developed key technologies, seized the commanding heights of scientific and technological innovation, 

enhanced independent innovation capabilities, and enhanced core competitiveness. 

Accelerate the transformation of general products to intelligent, green and digital high-end products, 

and focus on high value-added products such as metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear power, and military industry.

 Intelligent storage cranes, precise positioning cranes, automated container gantry cranes, unmanned cranes, etc., 

promote the transformation of product structure to high, precise, specialized and intelligent.

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