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Henan Mine|2022 Safety Production Month "Safety Production Law" training

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Henan Mine|2022 Safety Production Month "Safety Production Law" training


On June 8, the 2022 Henan Mine Safety Production Month "Safe Production Law" training was held in the company's intelligent industrial park. Zhang Shoulei, deputy director of the Changyuan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Zhang Kui, director of the emergency response office, and Wang Zhiwen, chief of the special section, attended the meeting. Specially invited Xinxiang City security expert Liu Xingmin to give lectures. The company's senior leaders, the company's headquarters and the intelligent industrial park workshop directors, team leaders, and workshop team safety officers attended the meeting. The general manager of the company Feng Shuangyang presided over the meeting.


Zhang Shoulei delivering a speech

Zhang Shoulei said in his speech that the theme of this year's Work Safety Month is "Comply with the Work Safety Law and be the first responsible person". We must strengthen the rule of law thinking, strengthen the awareness of red lines, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, and build a foundation for safe development. . I hope that everyone can recognize the situation clearly, attach great importance to the safe production of special equipment; implement responsibilities, and earnestly grasp the safe production of special equipment; cooperate closely and successfully complete this training task.


Hosted by Feng Shuangyang


Hu Shengchao, executive deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech

In his speech, Hu Shengchao made several demands:

1. The idea of safe production should be run through the whole process of the company's management, operation, production and life, always keep in mind the safety regulations, and truly "comply with the safety production law and be the first responsible person".

2. It is necessary to strictly implement the safety production responsibility system for all employees, abide by the "safety production regulations", and resolutely investigate and deal with the behaviors that are ineffective in the investigation and management of hidden dangers.

3. we must build a solid line of defense at the grassroots level, plug subtle loopholes, and eliminate potential security risks in the bud.

4. the safety work should be included in the annual work target assessment.


Xinxiang City safety expert Liu Xingmin gave a special training on "Safety Production Law"

Mr. Liu Xingmin, combined with his rich experience in safety production training and a large number of typical cases, vividly, detailed and comprehensively expounded the content of the "Safety Production Law", focusing on the specific requirements of safety production regulations for enterprises and the statutory requirements of the person in charge of the enterprise. It gave you a lot of inspiration and education, and enhanced the company's employees' legal awareness of production safety.

In order to further carry out the safety production month series of activities, according to the deployment requirements of governments at all levels for safety production work, our company has established a leading group, and arranged and deployed the "2022 safety production month activities" in advance. Based on the actual situation of the company, the "Safe Production Month Activity Plan" was formulated, specific measures were detailed, oath-taking ceremonies were held, various publicity activities were carried out, safety laws and regulations and safety knowledge training and education were organized, and safety production warning films, Hanging slogans and icons. Aiming at the potential safety hazards in various production and management work, we organized the investigation of potential safety hazards, and carried out timely rectification to create an atmosphere of safety production month in an all-round way.

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