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Henan Kuangshan | winning the first quarter of the good start production battle!

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The spring breeze is pleasantly warm and everything is full of vitality, people from all walks of life are busy, located in the Henan Kuangshan workshop on the bank of the Yellow River, all employees are carrying forward the spirit of the company,  and race against time to contribute to the big production of the first quarter orders.

henan mine employee

The company’s sales on the first day after the holiday will break through 100 million yuan and over 200 million yuan in a week. Since January, sales have reached a total of 410 million yuan, orders, there are many orders and heavy production tasks, and the company is working hard to invest in the first quarter of the production.

henan mine crane factory

In order to ensure the realization of the company's first-quarter good start production goal, Cui Peijun, the founder and party secretary of the company, organized the middle and high-level executives to study and make decisions throughout the night, work together to formulate detailed and feasible schedules, and study and solve some problems in large-scale production.


cuipeiju speak

If the problem is not solved, just eat a steamed bread at the venue and continue to study until the problem is solved.



The company organized the middle and high-level walks into the workshop to organize the team, ensure the quality, promote the degree, and solve the production team on site.

cuipeijun speak with employee

The company's attendance system is not signed, not punched, not named, even if this is the case, all the up and down are half an hour ahead of schedule. In order to meet the scheduled delivery, work hard every day, and earnestly work.

We firmly believe that with the valuable experience and unique talents of colleagues in the work and the hard work and dedication, I will definitely play a beautiful 2019 first season big production battle!

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