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Henan Kuangshan 丨regarded as national level ‘s “Green Factory”.

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Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology has announced the third green manufacturing demonstration list, and by virtue of remarkable contribution in green development, ecological priority and environment optimization and the excellent achievements in product cleaning, waste recycling and low-carbon energy, Henan Kuangshan is regarded as national levels Green Factory.



The activity”Green Factory” is a nationwide selection activity organized by ministry of industry and information technology to implement  made in China 2025 strategy and industrial green development plan(2016-2020), accelerate the development of green manufacture system construction, create a green manufacture advanced models and lead the green transformation of related industry. The selection is determined by strict procedure, such as self-evaluation by application unit, on-site evaluation by third party evaluation institution, evaluation by provincial industry and information technology ministry and expert argumentation and publicity. It is the authority by industry and information technology ministry for enterprises confirming to “green development”.




Since the beginning of the factory, Henan Kuangshan began to build a strict environment management system, improve the environment management framework, and implement every international and domestic standards in production and management of all links, and continuously improve the quality management level.



The company set the higher than those of the country and industry and bravely introduce the advanced modern product equipment in worldwide. Through the “machine replacement” project, we vigorously promote the transformation of complete sets of automatic (intelligent) equipment, and realize the automation of part of the production process and assembly line through “machine replacement”, which reduces labor intensity and simplifies the production process and achieves the dual effect of reducing manpower and increasing efficiency, saving energy and reducing the emission.


In the future, we will take “national green factory” as an opportunity, and take the social and national demand as responsibility, actively play the exemplary role of green factory, fully implement the “green concept” of green production and green life, let the staff in the green factory environment comfortable, health living and make more contribution for the construction of green-making system.

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