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Crane Gearbox


The first drive of speed reducer is Gleason spiral bevel gear, the second and third is involute cylindrical spiral gear.

Lubrication of reducer: Generally, gear of reducer adopts splash lubrication and natural cooling. Only if the work balance temperature of reducer exceeds the set value and the load power exceeds thermal power P, circulating lubrication or sump lubrication with cooling tube is adopted

henan mine crane gearbox

1. gear circumferential speed of not more than 16m/s;

2. high-speed shaft speed of not more than 1000r/min;

3. working environment temperature is -40-45C;

4. two opposite direction.

1. gear ratio range, nominal 10-200 ratio;

2. write Fu high transmission efficiency, two levels of up to 96%, three up to 94%;

3. smooth running, low noise;

4. because of the use of 42CrMo 35CrMo by forging, quenching and tempering, gear shaft and the gear production respectively, so the service life is long. High bearing capacity;

5. easy dismantling, easy to install. 


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