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Congratulations to Cui Peijun for being the new party secretary of Henan Mine

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On September 1, the fifth party member meeting of the Communist Party of China Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd. was successfully held. Han Shunxin, Secretary of the Working Committee of Non-public Economic Organizations and Social Organizations of Changyuan Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and gave a speech. Zhao Feng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Weizhuang Sub-district, delivered a speech, and Cui Peijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Mining, attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference was presided over by Zhang Ruzhi, deputy secretary of the company's party committee. The conference kicked off with the solemn national anthem.

Henan mine party members meeting site

henan mine party members site

henan mine crane

Han Shunxin delivering a speech

henan mine crane

Zhao Feng delivering a speech

henan mine crane

Zhao Junfang, Director of the Office of the Non-Working Committee of Changyuan City, read out the "Reply to the General Election of the CPC Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd. Committee"

henan mine crane

Zhang Ruzhi made a work report to the conference on behalf of the last party committee

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Party Constitution" and the "Interim Regulations on the Election of Primary Organizations of the Communist Party of China" and other relevant requirements, the conference officially elected (arranged by name and stroke) seven comrades Feng Shuangyang, Zhang Ruzhi, Wu Gaoxuan, Hu Shengchao, Huang Zhi, Huang Zifang, Cui Peijun as the new one Member of the party committee.

At the first meeting of the fifth committee of the CPC Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd., Comrade Cui Peijun was elected as the new party secretary, and Wu Gaoxuan and Zhang Ruzhi were elected as the new party secretary.

henan mine crane

henan mine crane

Election of candidates for the new party committee

henan mine crane

Election of the new party secretary and deputy secretary


Cui Peijun, secretary of the new party committee, delivered a speech

Cui Peijun said that in the critical year of the company's transformation and upgrading from strong to refined, the company's party committee successfully held a general election, which is a major event for the company and a major event in the political life of party members.It is of great significance to promote the company's high-quality party building and lead the high-quality development of the enterprise.

It is hoped that the majority of party members and workers will take this conference as an opportunity to build consensus, build confidence, and move in unison, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, work together in the same boat, and work together to create a new situation for the company's party building work. Celebrate the party's 20th National Congress with excellent results.

The conference ended successfully in the majestic "Internationale".

henan mine crane

Group photo of the new party committee members

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